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Differences Between the Most Popular Social Media Sites

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Even if you only stick to the biggest social media sites, there’s a lot of choices that all seem somewhat similar. However, each one has a different feel and style that should influence how you interact on them and use them.


Picture Facebook like a series of casual social gatherings, such as reunions, coffee shop meetings, or church socials. It’s a place where you check in with friends and keep them updated to the goings-on of your life, or possibly your business. You might also mention an interesting article your read, or a video you watched.

Posts on Facebook should be about updates, pictures from your life, things that entertain you (video, images, cartoons, etc.), and links to things you find interesting.


Twitter doesn’t care about last week, or even yesterday. It’s about bite-sized chunks of now. This makes it a great way for friends to keep in touch, especially over long distances. Rather than share general updates with people you haven’t seen in a while, Twitter is for immediate updates as if you saw them an hour ago. For example, reactions to the movie you just saw.

It’s the same way for businesses. Twitter posts should assume that the person came in earlier that day, or even the day before. Like personal updates, they should reflect a connection to now.


Think of LinkedIn as a networking event that is always going. No matter what you do in your free time, it should never hit your LinkedIn profile. This site is for business networking only. Structure your profile like a summary of your professional career and your career aspirations. Remember that part of networking is marketing, so adjust your profile accordingly.


A virtual scrapbook, Pinterest has two uses: Personal and Social. For personal use, it’s a great way to gather images and ideas from across the web. Socially, you can show off your tastes and share them with friends for their opinions. Businesses can use Pinterest to show off their products the your business’ taste.


The name of the game with Instagram is casual imagery. Even if you’re showing pictures of a formal affair, it should have a casual feel. It’s less about a single image and more about all of the images put together.


Google+ is similar to Facebook, but with a slightly more polished and professional style. It was the first to offer video hangouts between connections, and has the power of Google’s servers behind it, which means better video/audio. It’s a merger of the ideas of followers and friends.

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