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Apartments Articles Chantilly, Va

Trends: Why Apartments Appeal to Seniors

If you’re a senior adult thinking about swapping your suburban home for an apartment, you’re not alone. You’re part of a group poised to become the fastest growing segment of apartment dwellers in the near future. In the next decade, millennials will contribute to roughly 30% of rental growth, but seniors 65 or older will…

One-Room Apartments: 9 Terms to Know

Not all apartments are created equal, and that’s a good thing. By definition, one-room apartments feature a combined living and sleeping area, but there are differences in size, shape and configuration. Efficiencies tend to be quite compact, but most include a kitchenette along one wall of the main room and a small bathroom. Studios range…

Comparing Apartments and Houses for Rent

One of the most common choices for renters is between apartments and houses for rent. Each choice offers its own advantages and disadvantages – from size and price to other amenities. It’s important to understand the benefits of both apartments and houses for rent before making a final decision. Apartments and Houses for Rent –…

Tips for Living Comfortably in Student Apartments

Student apartments often come with a roommate or two and occasional loud noises on the other side of the wall – and for students on a budget, affordable but smaller apartments can become cramped and cluttered spaces. To create a private, comfortable place in your apartment where you can unwind and study in peace, read…

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of City Apartments

Choosing where to move is often a frustrating decision to make, especially because you must consider many different factors when selecting your new home. Depending on your specific situation, city apartments may be a good solution for you, and it can help to know some of the main advantages and disadvantages of making city apartments…

Security Alarms for Apartments

Homeowners are fortunate to have the ability to install state-of-the art security alarms in their homes without worrying about the constraints of rental agreements or leases that forbid modifications to their homes. For years, apartment renters have been blocked from comprehensive security packages for this very reason. In recent times, however, security technology has evolved…

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