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Experienced family law, criminal defense, immigration and divorce attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia.
I contacted Livesay and Myers in the summer of 2014 to assist me with a custody and child support situation. I originally was assigned ...
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Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorneys- Over 40 years of combined local trial experience- Former Prosecutor-Call now for a free consultation
the best, you can really count on them. If one of the attorneys is not available another will take over without any problem. Very goo...
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- Northern Virginia Business Attorneys - It can be difficult to effectively address all areas of your business as you work to establish and maintai...
??I have worked with Bob for the better part of a decade on at least two business ventures. His advice has not only helped my companies...
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Attorneys Articles Chantilly, Va

Top 10 Facts About Accident Attorneys

Accident attorneys can help you file a personal injury lawsuit to recover your damages if someone injures you. Read on for the top 10 facts about accident attorneys. Accident attorneys are also called personal injury attorneys: They represent clients who have been the victim of an injury or who have caused an injury to someone…

Accident Attorneys

Accident attorneys are also called personal injury attorneys. Most accident attorneys are well-versed in more than one type of accident law. Accidents can include slip-and-fall accidents, dog bite accidents, car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, and any other type of accident. When looking for an accident attorney, the plaintiff (the person or entity filing the lawsuit)…

How to Handle Bankruptcy Attorneys Fees

The issue of being able to afford bankruptcy attorneys fees is a very real one for many people in bankruptcy cases. However, there are several options for people to consider if they are concerned there won’t be enough money for the attorney in the case. Arrangements for Bankruptcy Attorneys Fees Don’t let any apprehension about…

Civil Rights Attorneys

Civil rights attorneys specialize in cases that involve the American civil rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. These rights include the freedom of speech, assembly, religion and to petition the government. It also includes the rights to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due…

Top 10 Facts About Attorneys That You May Not Know

Attorneys are highly educated professionals and officers of the court who are bound by an ethical code, maintain legal privilege, and in most cases, work on a contingency basis. As defenders of the Constitution, attorneys are opposed to conflicts of interest and are bound to the highest degree of loyalty to you, their client. Here…

Estate Planning Attorneys

Many people think that only the rich or elderly need estate planning attorneys. But no matter what your age or financial status, you should retain an estate planning attorney to make sure that all of your affairs and loved ones will be taken care of after your death. Estate planning is particularly important if you…

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