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3919 Old Lee Hwy, Ste 82A, Fairfax, VA 22030
GRS Technology Solutions helps businesses in DC, MD, VA to leverage technology just as larger businesses do. Our goal is to help you get the most o...
They rapidly restored (& upgraded) my personal computer that had become infected with an aggressive virus which rendered the computer, ...
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10431 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030
I always use Geek Choice for all my computer needs
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12587 Fair Lakes Cir, Ste 290, Fairfax, VA 22033
BASH Technology Solutions (BTS) is a professional, minority-owned IT solutions
and services company. BTS focuses on delivering best-in-class IT ...
The tech that came out was named Bobby and he put a couple HID kits on my car and they look great. Thanks
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Computers Articles Chantilly, Va

The Weaknesses of Car Computers

Computers have been a crucial part of cars since the introduction of electronic fuel injection in the 1980s. The technology surge of the three decades since has taken computers from simple electronic controls to complicated, networked, fully functioning computers with up to one hundred million lines of code. Modern Computers are Integrated More than Ever…

What Car Computers Can and Can’t Do

Modern cars can easily run on?up to a hundred million lines of software code. In comparison, that’s two or three times the amount of code used for Facebook. With all that code, there’s a lot that they can control, but there’s also a good amount that they can’t. It’s Actually a Network of Computers It’s…

How Computers and Chips Control Your Car’s Emissions

Modern cars can easily have one hundred million lines of code in their computers, controlling everything from acceleration to connectivity to the braking system. That also includes the emission control systems. But how exactly do they do that? Types of Emission Control Systems There are several different systems to control emissions throughout your car: Catalytic…

How to Recycle Computers

Instead of just throwing your old PC into the garbage bin, the best and most environmentally responsible thing to do is to recycle computers and computer components. How to Recycle Computers Recycling computers and computer parts is a great way to protect the environment. Sure, computers are very useful but most of their parts are…

Disposal Tips for Electronics and Computers

As electronic technology drives constant changes in personal computers, cell phones, televisions, personal media players, and many other types of electronic devices, disposal of outdated or non-functioning electronics is becoming an issue. Keeping old electronics in storage robs homeowners and business owners of valuable space, and the longer these items are stored, the more obsolete…

Kids and Computers

General Computer Rules For parents, sharing computers may be the biggest hurdle in dealing with computers and kids. Parents should set some ground rules for kids and computers, such as no eating or drinking while on the computer to avoid any messy accidents. Parents should also set up a staggered time schedule so each family…

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