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Electronics Articles Chantilly, Va

Benefits of Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is a more recent development as concern has grown about the various toxic materials and chemicals built into the computers, televisions, fax machines and other electronic devices that often end up in the landfill. The concern about electronics includes the space they will take up in landfill, along with the potential for toxic…

Computer Electronics Recycling Rules

Computer electronics recycling has become an important issue, especially as computer technology advances quickly, rendering many computer hardware setups obsolete or incompatible with the new technology being released. Advancements made in software technology, and the fact that many programs simply aren’t compatible with older or outdated hardware systems, also results in many computers being discarded….

Disposal Tips for Electronics and Computers

As electronic technology drives constant changes in personal computers, cell phones, televisions, personal media players, and many other types of electronic devices, disposal of outdated or non-functioning electronics is becoming an issue. Keeping old electronics in storage robs homeowners and business owners of valuable space, and the longer these items are stored, the more obsolete…

10 High Tech Gadgets to Make Your Home Smart

Fully automated houses seem like they’re a distant dream and only something attainable for the people living in fictional sci-fi worlds. While we still have a long way to go before we’re all living in houses completely run by artificial intelligence, there are a lot of smart products already on the market. From voice activated…

Why Water Is Bad for Your Foundation

On the surface, water doesn’t seem like that big of a problem. After all, a little water is nothing compared to the strength of a concrete foundation. The thing is, the effect of water can add up over time. Just look at the canyons that have been cut out of solid rock over time. The…

Power Issues: Brownouts, Blackouts & Surges

Brownouts, blackouts and surges are three of the most common power issues. To protect against their potentially damaging effects, let’s look at common causes, risks they pose and actions you can take. Brownouts Brownouts or power sags occur when there are temporary drops in the power supply. These drops may cause lights to dim or…

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