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As an HOA president my time, like all the board members, is limited. Most of us have daytime jobs. Worrying about our landscape contrac...
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Expert Tree Removal And Tree Services Serving All Northern Virginia. If you need residential and commercial tree removal, FM Garden and Tree can help. We offer professional service and commitment to customer satisfac...
I had a big dead polar tree in front of my yard hovering over my garage entrance that had to be removed ASAP. I called 3 places for est...
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Pete's does a great job, are inexpensive, and never leave you in a lurch.
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Landscaping Articles Chantilly, Va

Landscaping to Keep Your Foundation Dry

If you’re constantly having to deal with water in your basement, this is a sign that your foundation is probably getting wet too. A waterlogged foundation can lead to sagging, cracks, and expensive repair bills, so it’s important to find the source of the water and address it immediately. You may think that your troubles…

10 Easy Ways to Use Less Water in Your Landscaping

Roughly half of all residential outdoor water is used to maintain landscapes and gardens. Adopt these fast, easy ways to use less water in your landscape, and you can reduce the volume of water you consume and cut your water bills at the same time: Water in the morning. Do it early before the heat…

Top 3 Septic Tank Landscaping Tips and Tricks

When you have a septic system on your property, you won’t always be able to fully landscape in the way you’d like. Of course, that doesn’t mean that part of your yard must be a barren wasteland. These three tips for septic tank landscaping can help you keep your septic system functional without sacrificing the…

5 Benefits of Organic Landscaping

When compost and natural fertilizer agents and other products are used throughout your yard, this restores a healthy ecosystem to your soil and creates a more sustainable landscape overall. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in organic landscaping. Increased root depth and growth for lawns, trees, shrubs, and other plantings in your…

Hillside Landscaping Checklist

Not all lawns are flat all the way from end to end. The natural landscape contains hills, dips and valleys, small trees and bushes, and maybe more odd sections depending on where you live. Hillside landscaping can present many challenges, but this guide will give you ideas for your sloped space and provide tips on…

Landscaping Contracts: What to Expect

Good news, you’ve found a landscaper you like and the preliminary stages have gone well. You’ve asked the landscaper to draw up a contract. What should you expect? A typical landscape contract is likely to include: Scope of Work. The contract should detail the entire scope of work and incorporate as attachments any relevant schematics,…

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