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Manufacturing Articles Chantilly, Va

8 Common Contaminants in Drinking Water

While some consider American drinking water the safest in the world, others aren’t convinced. For example, the EPA has established MCLs (maximum contamination levels) and enforceable standards for 114 potentially harmful pollutants, along with guidelines for 90 unregulated compounds. In spite of these standards, however, numerous pollutants can find their way into your drinking water,…

What Is a Class D Felony in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, felony crimes are divided into six, separate classes. Class A felonies are the most serious while Class F crimes are the least serious. Class D felonies include: Arson – third degree Burglary – second degree Manufacturing or distributing methamphetamine or cocaine – first degree Resisting arrest with a deadly weapon Abuse or…

What Is a Second Degree Felony in Ohio?

Felonies in Ohio are divided into five categories, with first degree being the most serious and fifth degree being the least serious. Second degree felonies make up the second-most serious group of felonies in the state. They include: Soliciting prostitution after a positive HIV test Abduction Illegally manufacturing or processing explosives Aggravated vehicular assault Sexual…

What Is a Second Degree Felony in New Mexico?

New Mexico has five separate classes for felonies. The most serious are capital felonies, while Fourth Degree felonies are the least serious. Second degree felonies include the following crimes: Shooting from a motor vehicle – when bodily harm to another results Robbery Sexual exploitation of a minor Drug trafficking – manufacturing, selling or possessing drugs…

When Are Restraining Orders Used?

Restraining orders are a form of legal injunction set in place to legally prevent one party from engaging in some activity. They are most often used in regard to domestic abuse situations, but restraining orders can be used in several different contentious situations. Victims of domestic abuse can obtain temporary restraining orders to keep their…

Sake: Hot or Cold?

Among sake connoisseurs, aficionados, and enthusiasts there is a long raging debate as to what temperature this refreshing libation should be served. But, just as there are myriad experts on the subject, so too are the opinions regarding whether sake is best when served hot or cold. First, a note of clarification – when speaking…

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