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Property Management Articles Chantilly, Va

Pest Control and Building Management

If you are a building manager, no matter how many properties are under your care, controlling pests is critical in order to keep tenants in the building(s), keep them happy and healthy, and to ensure quick turnover when an opening occurs. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for controlling pests…

Finding a Vacation Property

Whether it’s for a week or just a three-day weekend, many people enjoy vacations by the beach, in the mountains or anywhere away from home. Since beach vacations and ski vacations are so popular, vacation properties in these areas are always in demand. There are plenty of ways for a person to enjoy a vacation…

Most Popular Locksmith Jobs

The most in-demand locksmith jobs are installing, maintaining and repairing locks and making keys, however there are more services that a locksmith can provide, some of them based on experience, others on training. A locksmith’s minimum qualifications should be the completion of a course in locksmithing either at a trade school, online or as a…

How the Electrical Contractor is Wired

An electrical contractor provides all work on electrical systems for new construction and for repair, renovation, and maintenance in existing buildings. Contractors may specialize in industrial, commercial, or residential fields, or they may combine them, depending on the size of their company. Qualified contractors and contracting firms are responsible for knowing all local, state, and…

Vacant Home Insurance is not an Empty Promise

Vacant home insurance is a type of insurance policy that allows a home to be insured while it is unoccupied – something that a “regular” homeowners insurance policy does not allow. It can be difficult to get a company to insure a vacant home unless someone is frequently checking in on it, as vacant houses…

How To Find an Apartment

Finding the right apartment, one within your budget, one with the right set of amenities, one in the right area of the city – should not be hard just as long as you are diligent and organized in managing the process. Here are some tips to help you as you are apartment hunting so you…

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