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Does your lawn or garden need a new look? David Landscaping and Tree Services is the company to call. We can make your lawn and garden to come li...
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2820 Dorr Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031
Envirogrow has been providing the Northern Virginia area with landscape maintenance services since 1991. We are a small family owned business. O...
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Sprinkler Systems Articles Chantilly, Va

6 Smart Reasons to Install Sprinkler Systems

There are many good reasons to invest in sprinkler systems. For instance if every household had one, up to half the water devoted to gardens and landscapes could be conserved according to the EPA. If that fact isn’t sufficient to convince you, here are six additional reasons why installing a sprinkler system is a smart…

3 Water-Saving Technologies for Sprinkler Systems

There are a variety of sprinkler advancements that can help you maintain your landscape while you conserve water and reduce your water expenses. Whether you’re choosing components for a new sprinkler system or seeking ways to improve an existing one, there are three technologies you should seriously consider: Irrigation Controllers Irrigation controllers are not timers….

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler System for Your Lawn and Garden

Did you know that around half of the water used by the average home goes toward landscape irrigation? Furthermore, around half of that landscape water is wasted through evaporation and runoff. All in all, most sprinkler systems are inefficient and tend to waste a great deal of water, which is why putting some time and…

Buying a Sprinkler System? 14 Terms to Know

For most households, between 30% and 45% of household water consumption is used outdoors, but on an individual basis this varies greatly based on the time of year and region. The primary uses are watering landscapes and gardens, maintaining swimming pools and washing cars. Whether your goal is to make landscape maintenance easier, reduce water…

Save Water with High Efficiency Sprinklers

According to the EPA, up to 50% of the water used in the landscape is lost or wasted due to evaporation, runoff and overwatering. On average, households that rely on manual watering methods use up to 33% less water than those with installed sprinkler systems, but to properly maintain a landscape with manual watering takes…

Handy Water-Saving Gadgets for Gardeners

If you’re one of the estimated 105 million home gardeners in the US, you know gardens have different watering needs. They can in some cases require up to 50% more water than lawns and landscapes, and this higher demand means it’s particularly important for gardeners to find effective conservation techniques. From simple to high tech,…

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