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Established in 1948, formerly Telesec, then TeleSec Corestaff, Corestaff Services is a national company, and part of the Impellam organization. We...
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Temporary Jobs Articles Chantilly, Va

Ten Tips for Finding Temporary Jobs

In these uncertain economic times, the market for temporary jobs is booming. More and more companies are turning to temps and contractors to fill out their staff, and job placement agencies all over the country are seeing a demand for workers to fill these temporary jobs. If you’re planning on working with a temp agency…

Retail Jobs ‐ Tips to Help you Find Retail Employment

Retail jobs offer plenty of entry level opportunities, and retail employers frequently experience a high level of employee turnover as well so positions are usually available. Most retail employment jobs are perfect for those seeking a part-time or short-term temporary job, but long-term retail positions may also offer steady employment careers with increased salaries. Types…

How to Find Jobs Online

If you are looking for an internship or a new career the Internet is a great resource. It’s not difficult to find jobs online as there is a wide range of websites to choose from. Employment Super Sites The best place to start is with the employment super sites. These often have the largest amount…

Learn About Online Typing Jobs

Legitimate online typing jobs are unfortunately very difficult to find, and most of these jobs are temporary at best. If you are a quick typist and you need extra income, use these tips to avoid Internet typing job scams and to find real paying jobs which will utilize your typing skills. Most Adverts for Online…

Looking for Medical Transcription Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the opportunities to find medical transcription jobs will be good for the period ending in 2018. The job involves listening to recordings created by doctors or other healthcare professionals and then transcribing that information to create a report, medical history, correspondence or other type of medical information. Training…

What to Expect from Temporary Services

There are a number of agencies offering temporary services located throughout the country. Some are local products while others are part of national chains that provide temporary labor for businesses. The temporary services industry started in the 1940s and has grown fairly steadily ever since, morphing from agencies that only hired out temporary clerical and…

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