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2971 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031
We provide a good selection of quality, pre-owned and pre-loved vehicles. Our vehicles come with a 90 day limited warranty and we offer competitive...
We bought our second car through ABS a little over a month ago. They are professionals who are trying to help you make a good decision....
Mon-Sat: 10:00 AM-07:30 PM
Sun 12:00 PM-04:00 PM
9660 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031
I have had a great experience in purchasing a car from here. They have been very straightforward and honest about the vehicle, and I fo...
Mon-Fri: 09:30 AM-06:30 PM
Sat-Sun: 09:30 AM-07:00 PM
25350 Pleasant Valley Rd, Ste 140, Chantilly, VA 20152
Best convertible selection I found...One stop shop...Got financing in less than 20 minutes...Thank you Mark for the great buying experi...
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Used Cars Articles Chantilly, Va

Tips for Finding Good Used Cars

Buying good used cars isn’t hard if you do your homework. You need to follow some simple steps to find the best used car for your particular requirements. Use these tips to whittle down your used car choices and find the car that’s right for you. Research to Find Good Used Cars Read up on…

Checklist for Used Cars

When shopping for used cars, you must be able to sort out overpriced and damaged cars from quality ones. Several details can be considered beforehand to let you determine a used car’s worth. 1. Car Mileage Older used cars will typically have a higher mileage as the average car owner will drive about 12,000 to…

What to Look for in Cheap Used Cars for Sale

Usually, if a car deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, which is why you need to know what to look for in cheap used cars for sale. First, you should look for low mileage used cars, but know how to recognize ridiculously low mileage. If the car’s mileage seems too low,…

Used Cars For Sale By Owner

When selling your used car, you can either sell it through a dealer or sell it yourself. The “Used Cars for Sale by Owner” strategy has many benefits for those with the time and the willingness to put in the extra legwork. The “Used Cars for Sale by Owner” strategy lets you save you a…

Where to Sell Used Cars in Your Area

If you have to sell used cars you want to get rid of, you can go to a new or used car dealer and offer them for sale or trade, but you probably won’t get the best deal on your used car. Selling your used car yourself may take a little more effort, but you…

Refinancing Used Car Loans on Older Used Cars

If you have an older used car that has an outstanding used car loan on it, you might be in a situation in which you need to refinance used car loans in order to get lower monthly payments and better terms. Think of it this way – you need to have your car, whether it…

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